In this video, Kevin Kelly, a motivational speaker asks speaker Gavan Hennigan about the spark that changed his life. Gavan Hennigan shares that several months after engaging in self-reflection, group therapy, and rehabilitation, he embarked on a journey of rediscovery. Exploring the waves for the first time, alongside a friend from rehab who sought refuge from the party scene, marked a turning point. Battling wind and rain at Lahinch in November, the sheer rawness of the Irish weather sparked something within him. That moment, facing the elements at the Atlantic, revived a passion lost for many years—a passion that once thrived during his childhood before the influence of substances.

Surfing became a transformative experience, providing a sense of immediate connection with nature and rekindling his love for the outdoors. This newfound passion, ignited by the ocean’s embrace, turned into a 15-year journey that took him to seven continents. From commercial diving in perilous waters to exploring the Arctic and Antarctic, the adventure unfolded guided by that initial spark. Pursuing passion and staying connected to that energizing force became the defining theme throughout this remarkable journey.