Tim Sanders speaking at motivational sales speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

Tim Sanders has observed the skillful application of storytelling in the charitable sector and shares the success formula.

“I’ve witnessed its effectiveness in two instances. I collaborate with organizations in the United States, such as United Way and smaller entities like Best Buddies. The strategic use of custom storytelling in these settings has proven impactful in two ways.

Firstly, at the end-user level, when narrating stories about the individuals benefiting from the nonprofit, bringing those personal stories to life has been a highly effective approach. Making these stories real and relatable generates a strong emotional response.

Moreover, nonprofits have recently taken storytelling to a more impactful level. Surprisingly, the stories now extend beyond the beneficiaries and include narratives about volunteers transformed by their experiences with charitable organizations. Sharing stories about the transformative impact and personal growth of volunteers adds another layer to the storytelling approach, making it even more relatable and impactful.

To enhance the value proposition of involvement in charitable organizations, it’s crucial to not only tell stories about the individuals benefiting but also highlight the transformative experiences of volunteers.

Stay attuned to feedback, inquire about how participation in your charity has contributed to personal growth or helped individuals in their journey, and learn to share these stories effectively. The narratives about personal growth and achieving one’s hero’s journey will undoubtedly resonate and make a lasting impact.”