Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly’s Motivational Speaker’s core belief is that everybody can be your teacher. At this conference he shares a story that illustrates the power of this core belief.

“So, in the 2000s a lady rang me requesting a meeting with her brother who wanted to write a book. I àgreed unreservedly. After the session he asked how he could repay me for my time in kind. After multiple refusals on my side he explained to me that he designed websites and would be happy to work on mine pro bono. At that time I had worked with a few website designers with little or no success so I was cynical to put it mildly. It turns out he wasn’t just ‘another website designer’s, he actually worked for Warner Music in the past to create a community of supporters online for Madonna. He had worked on the first three banks online, and one of the first magazines online. He took over my website and within three months if you Googled ‘personal development speaker’ in, I was number 1 – a position I held for about 5 years. This kickstarted my International business.

Sales not as a result of a clever marketing strategy – more the result of being open to new teachers from different sources. This student turned up and I taught him how to write a book. Was he a student? No, he was a student and a teacher. “