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Did you ever ask yourself:

How are engagement levels worldwide so low, considering the billions spent on training annually?

Why is it so difficult to retain and attract staff?

Why are customers leaving without saying goodbye?

These are the questions that have consumed Kevin Kelly’s attention over the past thirty years. Over that time, he has provided some of the top brands on the planet with the answers.

Today, Leaders are being challenged to re-imagine the workplace to meet their biggest challenge – engaging, retaining, and attracting staff in a hybrid world.

Salespeople are being asked to grow their business in an attention economy where information is abundant, and attention is in very short supply.

To succeed we need new thinking, a new strategy for a new era.

Street Cred

Has travelled around the world and worked with Fortune 500 companies and prestigious associations like the Million Dollar Round Table as a speaker and consultant.

Has written five books including the best selling motivational title, “How? When you don’t know how” and the critically acclaimed “Do! the pursuit of Xceptional Execution”.

Has broken sales records across industries and led many teams culminating in raising over
€1m for charity in Ireland and abroad.

Has consistently received top ranking as a motivational speaker in Ireland and across the globe.

Has being studying human behaviour from the age of six.

Client Testimonials

“He managed to increase the energy level in the room after a long day of information. Personally I like the fast change between storytelling and engaging the audience...”
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