Greetings! I’m Kevin, and my journey into the captivating world of
business began as a wide-eyed six-year-old in my family’s shop in the
scenic West of Ireland. That early immersion sparked a profound interest
in understanding the intricate dance of human behaviour.

Armed with a degree in Marketing, I embarked on a professional odyssey
that saw me thrive in Sales and Leadership roles across Ireland and
beyond. In 1990, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish Advanced
Marketing, where I seamlessly blended consultancy for SMEs with a
burgeoning career as a sought-after business speaker throughout Europe.

Over the years, I’ve penned five books and produced three motivational
CDs. “How? When you don’t know how,” my first literary work, became a
sensation, defying the odds of my less-than-stellar English academic
record. My latest, “Do!,” earned praise from none other than Tom Peters,
who deemed it the book he wishes he had written.

But it’s not just about sales and leadership; I’m equally passionate
about communication excellence. Recently, I developed a ground breaking
framework for what I describe as an Exceptional Communicator—an
individual capable of engaging the two most crucial audiences: customers
and employees. I firmly believe that to truly engage, we need to start
with a different type of AI—Authentic Intention.

Having traversed the globe, from Korea to Colombia and San Francisco to
Hong Kong, I weave tales drawn from my diverse experiences, from
street-begging in Melbourne to assisting customers at the tender age of
six in our family store. These narratives form the blueprint for a
distinctive leadership, sales, and communication approach, rooted in my
Irish storytelling heritage.

My unwavering belief that everyone is a potential teacher serves as the
cornerstone of my philosophy. By integrating this belief, a leader has
the power to transform company culture, and as individuals, we can
transform our lives.

When I step onto the stage for motivational keynotes, I don’t just
deliver a speech—I engage in an interactive conversation that informs,
inspires, and empowers. It’s not just about the words; it’s about
creating an experience that resonates.

In my consultancy, I’ve shattered sales records across diverse
industries and cultures, from advising Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner
Community on ‘Xceptional Selling’ to marketing construction equipment
across Europe. I’ve led teams to fundraising success, raising over €1
million for projects at home and abroad.

Beyond the boardroom, I reside on the Wild Atlantic Way with my wife,
Deirdre, and our young son, Conor. A fervent Liverpool FC supporter, I
find joy on the football pitch where I train underage soccer and
football teams during the weekends. Watching Conor play soccer and GAA
is a source of immense satisfaction, second only to delivering tangible
results for my clients as a speaker and consultant. The journey
continues, and I’m thrilled to be writing the next chapters with
passion, purpose, and a touch of Irish spirit.


Kevin Kelly - inspirational sales speaker


Client Testimonials

“Very lively, interactive presentation, well balanced with to the point detailed and scientifically backed-up information. Spot on presentation when it concerns xceptional execution now. Good speaker which can keep the attention of its audience easily focussed for a one and a half hours presentation. ”