DO! the pursuit of xceptional

DO! the pursuit of xceptional

In his latest book, DO! Kevin highlights what makes startups and their leaders -which he dubs the “Xceptionalists”- succeed beyond all odds.

Kevin’s book features exclusive interviews with the entrepreneurs behind fast-growing, innovative startups from around the world such as Dwolla, Globant, Outfit 7,and Balsamiq, and others. Implementing the best practices of the world’s Xceptionalists will enhance your employee and customer engagement and propel profits.

“Now I can retire in peace. Kevin Kelly has written the book I always wanted to write. And he’s done to the point of perfection–call it xceptional execution. Even the all-time best title: Do! Ah, Kevin, what a gift!”

Tom Peters

Co-author of the international best seller “In Search of Excellence” the book that changed the way the world does business.

If you truly want to Think Big; Do will do it for you! Success will no longer be the exclusive domain of visionaries, entrepreneurs with fully loaded business plans and well financed startups. It can be anyone’s game –including yours. The huge barrier to entry is xceptional execution and Do highlights the DNA and strategies behind some of the brightest startups on the planet. In his engaging and energetic style and with extraordinary content, Kevin Kelly has become the voice of execution.

Jason Jennings, NY Times Bestselling Author of, It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small-It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow and The Reinventors

“In this remarkable book, Kevin Kelly skillfully proves it’s not the brilliant idea, but instead, the shining ability to execute simple plans that belies the greatest business success stories of our time. Read this book if you want to Do the great thing, and not just dream about it.”

Tim Sanders

Author of NYT Best Seller Love is the Killer App and former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!

“What got me was Kevin’s confession to having been an ‘idea killer’. He was a guy who looked for the reasons why…Not! His conversion to a DO’er is an inspiring journey through multiple examples of business successes achieved by others in a wide variety of fields worldwide. It’s not a book about him, it’s about them and how you can do what they did. Read this book to strengthen your belief in your ideas and in yourself.”

Jim Cathcart

Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Author of Relationship Selling.

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