Entrepreneur of the Year John Purdy speaking at motivational speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

I have an intense focus on three key elements, and it consumes my full attention. Firstly, I am obsessive about our value proposition, ensuring that it remains strong and compelling. In the rapidly evolving technology space, staying relevant is not just important—it’s crucial. The pace of change is rapid, and to avoid becoming irrelevant, we must consistently strive to stay ahead.

Secondly, my obsession extends to our customers. Understanding their needs is paramount to me. I emphasize that it’s not solely about acquiring new customers, although that is important; it’s equally about adding and extracting value from the relationships we already have. I’m dedicated to comprehending and addressing these relationships in a meaningful way.

Lastly, I am obsessive about our behavior, both internally and externally. I pay meticulous attention to how we interact with others, ensuring that our actions align with our values. This involves being discerning in our hiring process, seeking individuals who contribute to our organizational DNA, and investing in training for the long term. When bringing new team members on board, we assess not just their immediate contributions but also consider what they can offer three years down the line. These obsessions are the driving force behind our endeavors.