Paul Sloane is at Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelly’s ‘Sell your Story’ conference

At Kevin Kelly’s ‘Sell your Story’ conference Paul Sloane poses the question – ‘is selling an art or a science?’

“The answer is, that it’s both. To be successful at sales you have to be analytical and look at the numbers. You have to follow a system and have a routine. You have to have a process which you follow. At the same time what I love about sales and marketing is the scope to be creative, different, imaginative, is enormous. You can be even more successful if you have some lateral thinking. For two reasons first of all every aspect of selling whether it’s prospecting, or marketing, or qualifying or objection handling, or closing there’s a different and better way to do it, and if you can use lateral thinking, you can find that. But secondly, I think you would be a much more effective salesperson if you can become an ideas carrier., someone who brings fresh ideas and solutions for your customers. Your purpose in life in selling is to solve the customer’s problems. “