John Purdy speaking at keynote speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

Entrepreneur of the Year John Purdy speaking at motivational speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference. He says, “I’m obsessive about three things and it’s full-time. I’m obsessive about our proposition and staying relevant to our customers because in the technology space if you’re not relevant, you’re irrelevant, and it changes so fast. So, staying relevant is really important to me. I obsess about our customers and what their needs are. I even have language that says, it’s not about finding new customers, all be it that’s important, it’s about adding and extracting value to relationships that we have and understanding those relationships and I’m obsessive about our behavior. I’m obsessed with people and how we behave to our people so that we have the right DNA, that we’re hiring correctly, and that we’re training, When we hire people, we look at what this person can do for us in three years. So, it’s obsessive, these things are what drives us.”