Noeline Kavanagh speaking at keynote speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

I believe that successfully conveying a story involves embracing your creativity. To achieve this, one must step away from familiar structures. Whether you’re in the corporate world, involved in charities, or pursuing artistic endeavors, consider yourself as an ‘Imagineer’ or a ‘guardian of the unpredictable’—titles that shouldn’t confine you. Break away from categorizations and contemplate your role from a creative standpoint rather than a purely business-oriented one. It’s essential to temporarily detach from the conventional language of targets, market commodities, tools, and strategies.

Instead, envision what it would be like to reimagine how we interact with each other. Think about the workplace atmosphere and personal fulfilment if we allowed ourselves to play, laugh, take risks, and experience delight. Can you picture enjoying your work? What if ideas flowed freely? Engaging with people and bringing such scenarios to life involves taking risks, but it also connects with the art of imagination, which, in my view, is synonymous with the art of storytelling.