John Purdy speaking at motivational speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

In this insightful discourse by Entrepreneur of the Year, John Purdy, the spotlight is on two vital aspects – ethics and empathy, particularly focusing on the often-misunderstood concept of trust. Purdy begins by emphasizing that trust is the currency of the future, a resonant theme in today’s complex socio-economic landscape.

Purdy at keynote speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference, draws attention to the global context, highlighting the apparent lack of trust in various regions, including the United States and the United Kingdom. He posits that providing trust within relationships, whether commercial or otherwise, is a formidable currency for the future. The European audience, like any other, can undoubtedly relate to the importance of trust in navigating contemporary challenges and uncertainties.

Trust, according to Purdy, is not just about verbal claims of honesty and trustworthiness; it extends beyond words to actions. He draws a distinction between verbal assertions and actual behavior, underscoring the significance of consistent and genuine actions in building trust.

One notable piece of advice from Purdy is his recommendation to his colleagues: when meeting with potential customers, he suggests going for coffee without the need for notebooks, laptops, or PowerPoint presentations. Instead the focus is to just listen and clearly understand the business’s pain points.