Tim Sanders at motivational sales speaker Kevin Kelly’s Sell Your Story conference

Tim Sanders highlights how complicated sales has gotten over the last few years, especially for those of you who sell anything to a business or enterprise. Tim compares the evolution of selling to the transformation of gaming. Sales year ago, he suggests was similar to a simple video, game Pong – sales today is like World of Warcraft – much more complicated.

Everything you sell has high technology involved and/ or a cloud element, you also have rising competition. There are more decision-makers weighing in on what you sell than ever on the buy side.

Corporate executives study worldwide showed exactly how the rising tide of decision-makers has worked out. In the old days, it was just the end user the person was actually going to get to service your service or product, but now there is someone from procurement leaning in, there may be someone from technology, there may be outsider consultants, there may be multiple owners and investors. Corporate executive work says that there is an average of six decision-makers for every one of your selling situations. 

So your strategy needs to evolve with the changing situation. He shares the four stages of the sale and insights how to maximise your sales impact.