Welcome back after the Summer Break!

What a fantastic Summer it was for Sport – plenty of role models out there to inspire and push us on to make a difference in our lives. Our very own Olympic Champion Katie Taylor is a case in point. Ok I am biased – I am Irish!!

It was also a fantastic Summer for business thankfully – Net Minds Publishers have bought the rights to publish my New book “Xceptionalize your Business” worldwide. Launch date – end of first quarter 2013. After weeks of research and reflection we changed the name of the new book to Do! the pursuit of Xceptional Execution which can be ordered here DO! the pursuit of xceptional – Kevin Kelly Unlimited

Book Overview: Change is pervasive but one fact is indisputable, if you focus is on exceptional execution of the three P’s in Business (Xceptionalizing your Business) , you will excel
regardless of the circumstances:

1. P –The promote/culture creator… the key ingredient in the business cocktail

2. P- The People – internal and external customers ….incredibly complicated or so they say boasting

10bn brain cells; but unbelievably predictable!

3. P- Process – creating world class processes.

Target audience – Start ups/SME’s

So why do we need you?

We would love to hear from anyone who has an Xceptional example of a small or medium size company. It may be about how innovative they are in terms of how they deal with customers/employees – how different they are in terms of their customer interface strategy or the unique way they recruit – or indeed how the Leader/Promoter has creatively developed a very empowering culture.

If you have any case studies from any part of the globe, we would love to hear about it.

You can email Kevin at kevin@kevinkellyunlimited.com

or you can join the conversation on twitter or facebook

So please be Xceptional and join our team – we believe there are zero degrees of separation between people, potential teachers and partners so we look forward to your contribution which will be acknowledged in the book. Regardless of whether you are a motivational keynote speaker or Joe or Mary Ordinary or so you think from Ireland – we need you.

Thanks in advance.