I always recall asking my father over the years what did he want for his birthday. His answer remained consistent – “peace.” Even in business, the choice between ‘profit’ and ‘peace’ was an easy one – the latter won the battle every day of the week. Years ago, he was faced with that exact dilemma. A bus driver who was making the return trip to Dublin from Knock requested a blank receipt off him so he could bump up his expenses and pocket a few extra pounds for his days work. My father refused. The irate driver warned my father of the consequences of his actions as he left the forecourt. He remained true to his word as we never saw another ‘pilgrimage’ bus on a Sunday for the best part of a decade. The driver had warned all his peers in Knock bus park of stopping at our service station. I am going to be honest and at the time I questioned my Dad’s wisdom – surely a minor lapse in integrity didn’t count. My Dad to his dying day remained happy in his decision. He chose peace of mind over profit and that was worth more to him over the next decade.

I am guessing I “inherited” my Dad’s values. Honour and integrity means alot to me and it drives my behaviour. Some time back I wrote a blog 6 Secrets to a successful 25 years in business – be… – Kevin Kelly Unlimited. In retrospect I should have included the importance of being true to your values as one of the secrets to success.

Happy Fathers Day. #values #integrity #fatherswisdom