1. Be deliberate about being Real. In a low trust culture, being authentic is the key to engagement.
  1. Be present and meet the Silence. Differentiate yourself with your presence, not your presents. The greatest gift you can deliver in 2024 is a positive presence, a listening ear, being a person that show others they truly matter.
    OPEN YOUR EYES WHEN TELLING YOUR STORY! – Kevin Kelly – Kevin Kelly Unlimited
  1. Model off excellence but compare yourself to yourself. Your NYR must be to become the best version of yourself – not the new improved version of someone else.
  1. Environment impacts Execution. Surrounds yourself with people who will challenge you to become the best version of yourself and distance yourself from the low impact fake brigade and the negativity bias of the media. Remember your minds works like a computer – FIFO – Fake in, Fake out.
  1. Immerse yourself in the journey towards your goal because the journey is the joy. Most often there is no one on the top of the mountain waiting for you. However, along the way magic has happened, great teachers have appeared, obstacles have set you back and then have been surmounted, failure has become feedback, every emotion has been experienced….
  1. Focus on the controllables! As our ski instructor Nicholai kept telling us – forget about the colour of the slope Green, Red, Blue, Black, and instead focus on your technique.
  1. Open your mind, drown your ego, and welcome your next great teacher who is in front of you.
    Zero degrees of separation – Kevin Kelly Unlimited