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Zero degrees of seperation

You will find that there are zero degrees of separation from potential teachers. When you, the student, are ready, teachers will appear. The trick is that the teacher may just be the student. Do you believe that anybody could be your teacher?
By listening to his customers, Peldi from Balsamiq unleashed the businesses potential. He said, “I am definitely learning loads from the University of the Customer, the coworker and the community. At the outset our idea was to sell the mockup as a Confluence plugin, there was no intention of selling a Desktop app. The reason behind this was I was a one-man show, and I knew I couldn’t maintain the necessary level of service that was required to develop it. However our customers came on the site and pretty much demanded it. We had a rethink. Today 80% of our business is for desktop applications.”
(excerpt from DO!)
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