Kevin Kelly's new book, “DO! The pursuit of xceptional execution” is the culmination of his life experiences, client work and keynote insights. He draws upon his extensive research to highlight what makes xceptional businesses and their leaders [the “Xceptionalists”] succeed beyond all odds.

Now I can retire in peace. Kevin Kelly has written the book I always wanted to write. And he's done to the point of perfection--call it xceptional execution. Even the all-time best title: Do! Ah, Kevin, what a gift!
tom peters
Co-author of the international best seller "In Search of Excellence" — the book that changed the way the world does business.

His interviewees are drawn from every corner of the globe and every industry with revenues ranging from US $100K to $150M. These are entrepreneurs who live and breathe the xceptional execution ethos. The Xceptionalist’s can show you and your audience the way to build your business.

A sought after keynote speaker, he speaks on the entrepreneurial mindset, motivation and leadership, trust-based sales and customer service. Over the past two decades, he has spoken at events in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia for Fortune 500 companies and associations (e.g. The Million Dollar Round Table). His experience spans IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial services and retail.

Invite Kevin to speak at your conference, corporate event or meeting and you will be surprised to learn that he comes speech-less. Literally. He doesn’t deliver a keynote speech, but an interactive experience that will inspire, challenge and inform your audience, providing them with a toolbox for change.

So if you are looking for a motivational speaker or a Leadership speaker for your next conference, look no further than Kevin – it’s time to DO!

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