The Sales Accelerator

For more than 25 years Kevin Kelly has broken sales records across industries. He has consulted with the world’s top brands and spoken at Worldwide conferences that focus on partners, sales, and leadership. He doesn’t just communicate a message –he focuses on giving the audience practical tools that can help achieve their clearly defined goals.


“Kevin gave the audience an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and practical take-away messaging.” – Million Dollar Round Table, USA
“Best Speaker.” – Microsoft, UK
“Lively, entertaining and thought provoking.” – Great Places to Work Organisation
“Entertaining and content rich.” – KPMG, China

Kevin Kelly – internationally acclaimed sales motivational speaker and best-selling author.

In Summer 2016, Kevin Kelly took on the challenge of raising €450,000 with a budget of just €5! He took his distilled learnings about sales, summarised the story in a hashtag (#fiveraweek) and blew the target out of the water. Naturally he used the best of social media to raise awareness but more importantly, as Kevin has advocated for more than 25 years, he put the human voice back into selling. This is the simple secret of a successful sales campaign. That’s why Kevin’s new favourite hashtag is #SalesInVoice

It doesn’t matter what your organisation does, everything starts with a product or a service being sold or acquired. And that’s why today top executives, corporations, and associations seek out Kevin’s expertise when they’re experiencing one or more of the following challenges:

  • To get sales moving when nothing else has worked.
  • To dramatically leverage their sales potential by creating a selling culture from the boardroom to front desk.
  • To make the perfect pitch to one or to a group – at an important sale or when pitching to VCs.
  • To take that shiny strategy and make it happen – execution, execution, execution.


Kevin Kelly Showreel

US TV Interview in Silicon Valley


Kevin Kelly Keynotes

His keynotes and masterclasses may vary between 45 minutes and 2 days. Your audience can expect an interactive cocktail of case studies, cutting edge research and exercises. Be prepared to be engaged.

#STORYSELLING – how to engage in an attention deficit market?

The latest research shows that the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds, a human being – 8 seconds. Engaging and building brand loyalty has become an extreme challenge. Drawing on over two decades of breaking sales records in client companies, Kevin highlights the secrets to developing a successful sales campaign.

The Future of Sales – #SalesinVoice

In 2016 Kevin organised the first and critically acclaimed Speaker Summit in Ireland enjoying 1,650,000 impressions on Twitter. To his surprise none of this activity resulted in one enquiry about the event in its aftermath. This coupled with other research inspired Kevin to ponder the Future of Social Selling with one inevitable conclusion. Regardless of how clever your social media campaign is – at the end of the day people buy people and the majority of deals are closed P2P. As technologies converge these relationship may prove to be your unique competitive advantage.

The Xceptional Sales Leader

Using his methodology of Xceptional Execution, Kevin highlights how to mirror the mindset, attitudes and success strategies of the outstanding Xceptionalists interviewed for his book “Do: the Pursuit of Xceptional Execution.”
From these exclusive interviews and over two decades experience working with companies, Kevin distils the attributes of the modern sales manager/director/leader.
This keynote is great for anyone that leads and manages!

You Get

Indepth consultations with 7+- key personnel to fully understand your needs, objectives and expectations for the event. Based on these discussions, a customised keynote for your audience is designed.

A speaker whose unique interactive style and insights will help your organisation win in this difficult environment.

An authentic speaker who doesn’t just share a message – he is the message which will inspire your team even more to embrace the learnings.

Expected Outcomes

Your sales team are informed, inspired and empowered with a toolkit of skills that will help close deals immediately.

Your sales leaders are able to increase levels of engagement and motivation in their team which will have a knock on effect on the businesses bottom line.

The Director/CEO/Sales Manager is able to craft a winning pitch that can either secure business or VC funds.

Your CEO/Leader’s recognises the importance of a selling culture.

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