The workshop format allows Kevin to dig dep into the DNA of
successful sales personnel and teams.

Your team will be engaged by Kevin’s training cocktail of exercises, stories and the most
up to date research. In this interactive experience, participants leave with a detailed
blueprint for sales mastery including a compelling business story and personal sales plan.
Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

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Xceptional Selling Workshop

(Can be delivered in a 3 hour, one/two day format.)

The Sales environment has changed – a new type of buyer and a more distracted and less loyal audience.
Sales is now a team sport. Leaders now need to embrace the change and cultivate trusted advisors, not order takers.
Sales professionals need to know how to collaborate to help close more sales.

Are you ready for the new selling environment?

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave with a toolbox of skills that
will bring their sales to the next level.


You will learn:

How to analyse others within seconds.
How to develop a presence that persuades, that negotiates without words.
How to deliver quality attention to your customer.
How to make your message stick by developing a story that resonates with customers.
How to develop trusted advisors, not order takers.
How to convert customers into ambassadors.
How to smash your existing sales records.
What are best practises from other successful companies.

Why not organise a skype/zoom call with Kevin today and see how he can help your team achieve their sales goals this year. Email now on to schedule the call.

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