Sales/Business Development

Anthony Germade

Executive Producer, Million Dollar Round Table, USA

“We asked Kevin to handle the coveted spot closing out our MDRT Experience meeting in Seoul, Korea this year. Kevin gave the audience an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and practical take-away messaging that our members can immediately apply to their lives. I would definitely urge any organization to consider utilizing Kevin Kelly on their program.”

Luke Debono

Incredible Events, UK

“Working with Kevin was a pleasure. He delivered 3 excellent sessions at a recent Microsoft event to an audience of approx. 250 people which all scored extremely highly and compared to 5 other speakers delivering, was regarded by the audience as the best speaker. He captivated the delegates throughout the sessions with interactivity, energy and humour. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin again.”

Yvonne Y Y Chan

Head of HR, Hang Seng Bank China

“It was great to go through the review process driven by you in the talk. We oftentimes forget what we should be doing due to being immersed in our daily routine. I am very much inspired by your high energy, people sensitivity and drive to be Xceptionalized!”

Maureen Dillon

HR Manager Johnson Brothers Limited Distributors of Boss, Lacoste and Shiseido

“My expectations for Kevin’s presentation were extremely high and even at that, he exceeded every hope I had when I invited him to speak to our retail sales team. I have never witnessed a room full of people hanging on one person’s words for such a length of time. Kevin has a true & rare talent and the feedback so far has been extremely positive and the team is most energetic. I am confident that even the most cynical and unmotivated person could not have helped but be inspired in some shape or form. Most enjoyable & beneficial, Go raibh mile maith agat.”

Anson Bailey

Principal, Business Development KPMG China

“Thank you for an entertaining and content rich workshop. In addition to engaging our people……you delivered some valuable messages that resonated cross culturally in our marketplace.”

Richard Browne

Marketing Manager, Fuji Photo Film (Ireland)

“Kevin commanded a high level of audience participation and adapted his motivational keynote to fit perfectly into the overall theme of our trade launch.”

Ciaran McGreal

Sales Manager, Pfizer

“Kevin has unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. His positive thinking is infectious and entertaining. Kevin take on sales motivation is different”


Guy Caron

Ex Creative Director of Cirque de Soleil and producer of Ice Age Live.

“I met Kevin Kelly at the “WOM Latam Leadership Symposium” in Buenos Aires. We were invited as guest-podium-speakers to talk about Excellence of Management and the Challenges of Leadership. I would like to express my feelings when I listened to Mr. Kelly’s speech/performance for the first time: If you want to join the next generation of business leaders, you have to meet or listen to Kevin Kelly. I feel he can deliver to any audience the real world of business because he is a thought leader for our time. He understands how to infuse into you immediately applicable management-practices – the kind you should follow to be a great leader. He has all the tools and experience to transform your career and business and to drive winning results.”

Cathal Divilly

Managing Director, Great Place to Work

“Kevin is an inspiring and enthusiastic motivational speaker not to mention lively, entertaining and thought-provoking. His energy was transferred onto his audience as he engaged with them throughout. He encouraged self belief and instilled the importance of positive thinking. He certainly offered something different !”

Judy Brennan

Leadership Institute Planner, Project Management Institute USA

“Thank you so much, the workshop exceeded my expectations! You really know how to motivate and engage an audience with your energy and enthusiasm. The session provided them with practical take-aways that they can put into action immediately.”

Harry McCarry

Head of Staff Development, Belfast Metropolitan College

“Kevin Kelly is truly inspirational. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk and this has enhanced his creditability. Our staff, who have encountered him through our corporate programmes on Leadership and motivation have given him a 100% approval rating. He has always adapted his presentation to suit our particular needs – truly flexible, always relevant and ever optimistic.”

Roger Rodriques

PMI India

“Right from the start I knew we did the right thing. The way Kevin went about probing about the Indian audience and our expectations, about the gaps we have and what would we like to learn about showed that he took this assignment seriously and wanted to deliver the best. Coming out to an event and speaking is one thing, but delivering what the audience wants is a whole different thing- that’s exactly what Kevin did, not once but TWICE in the same afternoon! Audience feedback on his 2.5 hour Master class was phenomenal and as if that wasn’t enough he goes on to deliver a 1 hour keynote and engage the audience like a true master- standing ovation! You sure lead like you live it. Delegates loved your informal mingling during the 3 days you were here. We saw your humble affable side too. Thanks Kevin- I hope India sees you more often and I hope you enjoyed your time here.”

Xceptional Service

Michael Brady


“Too often speakers base their presentations on other people’s experiences – Kevin has lived and breathed every bit of the journey he takes you on. That’s what makes him stand out head and shoulders above every other speaker I have seen in the last 15 years. Yesterday Kevin’s motivational keynote took 30 colleagues and me on a rollercoaster ride for three hours. Initially it was scary, then the adrenalin pumped through all our veins and when he eventually allowed us to loosen our grip we all walked away shattered but taking with us the experience of a lifetime. The energy with which he delivers is breathtaking – it’s akin to Michael Schumacher on steroids!!” The seminar lasted three hours – the impact will be forever.”

Mary D. Frazier

Executive Vice President & COO, New Era Life Insurance Companies, USA

“Kevin was the perfect speaker for our audience of insurance agents at our Leaders Conference in Sorrento, Italy. He energized the crowd, captured our attention and motivated us with humor and anecdotes. He articulated a strategy for each individual to use their own talents to authentically “be quality,” to build better client relationships and deliver exceptional service. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Many of us are now practicing his concept of “you could be my teacher” in our business transactions. We recommend him highly.”

Neil Hetherington

Partner Business & Development Lead –Microsoft Ireland

“Much like the audience he presented to during our events, I have to admit to being unsure of exactly what we’d signed up to when we confirmed Kevin as our keynote speaker. What we were sure of was that we wanted something different. We knew we wanted to challenge and inspire our audience to think differently about themselves and their businesses. Now, looking back on the events, I can say that Kevin more than delivered on that goal for us. His keynotes were not only challenging but highly impactful and we’ve had fantastic feedback from attendees across all of the events!”

David Dalton

CEO Plan Ireland

“Kevin’s seminar reinforced the importance of looking after customers and how vital customer retention is. His practical examples of how to achieve excellence demonstrated that we all have the potential to excel and be top in our chosen fields. His informal, irreverent style kept everyone engaged. In short, the day was both informative and enjoyable, everything training should be”

Kathi Dunn

President Dunn Design, USA

“Kevin Kelly electrifies, informs and inspires. Imagine Tony Robbins and Riverdance all in one package. That’s Kevin Kelly!”

Xceptional Execution

Serge Khayat

Worldwide Senior Channel Marketing manager, Operator Hosting & Cloud at Microsoft

“I was looking for a great MC and keynote speaker for an EMEA Cloud Executive event. Kevin played perfectly that role and got a fantastic feedback. He scored 4.59/5 and 5/5 for his contributions from a very discerning audience of CEOs and Directors from companies across the globe. His energy, sense of humor, commitment and cutting edge wit and information made him a major hit!”

Renald D. Mackintosh

Vice President AAK AB, Sweden

“Very lively, interactive presentation, well balanced with to the point detailed and scientifically backed-up information. Spot on presentation when it concerns xceptional execution now. Good speaker which can keep the attention of its audience easily focussed for a one and a half hours presentation.”

Colm Condon


“We had the Top 25 Executives from around the world here for the first time and we needed to set the tone for the meeting. Kevin did just that providing challenges and insights for each one of us and creating a positive and open interaction”

Sally Humphrey

Vice President Human Resources ICON Clinical Research

“We invited Kevin to speak at one our senior management sessions in New York to help us engage and focus on the year ahead. Kevin has to be one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He excludes passion for his subject and has the ability to engage his audience from the moment he steps into the room, he also references some great life examples of how you can achieve your goals. There was no doubt everyone took something away from the session and it was a great success.”

John O’Donovan

Director of Operations Boston Scientific

“We engaged Kevin to speak to our entire workforce a number of months prior to the business closing. We were looking for an alternative means to invigorate people and to instill a positive outlook in an inherently negative situation. Kevin Kelly delivered. His sessions focused on job searching, self-marketing and self belief. Feedback was universally positive and an exercise we were delighted to have delivered to our folks.”

Brendan Deeney

Training, Rabobank

“It was obvious that Kevin’s enthusiasm and passion for life radiated to his audience. His storytelling and exercises made the entrepreneurial thinking programme content compelling and memorable -I would highly recommend his motivational course and book for anyone interested in achieving work-life success”.

Hossein Taheri

Managing Director 128 Media ,Iran

“We have used Kevin for five prestigious conferences in Iran in five different cities – the feedback has always been very positive – our people love Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm for his subject and the huge takeaway value he delivers in terms of key messages they can use the following day in their lives and businesses.”

DO! Master Classes

Iris Kociper

Manager Hotel Habakuk*****, Maribor, Slovenia

“Attending Kevin’s motivational seminar pushes you to seize life’s opportunity in the right moment. He is excellent speaker, motivator, and the most important – man with wide horizons. He offers much more than one can imagine and expect. If you are able to take what he offers and turn it to new goals, then you will be a winner. Thanks for your wisdom, Kevin.”

David J. Steinegger

Chief Executive, Lombard International Assurance S.A, Luxembourg

“Staff from all levels of the company found the sessions with Kevin to be a great experience and quite unique. They were grateful for the chance to be involved in training which focused on life as a whole, not just on work. Well done!”

David Thomas

World Memory Champion, International speaker, and Sunday Times #1 Best Selling Author

“Some speakers motivate and some have great content. Kevin Kelly has both which means he brings double the value to your conference. If you want a speaker who will inspire, motivate, educate, entertain and give a performance so powerful that the delegates will hardly dare blink for missing something then Kelly is your man.”

Michael McDonagh

Commercial Director, Adesco Nutricines Limited

“I have seen Kevin perform at three very different events and I was struck by his effective communication. Unlike so many people he communicates very well in his own unique and passionate style. He has a message to tell and he wants his audience to benefit. When he is not ”on tour” his website is a good place to visit for stimulation. A motivational speaker with a vision!”

Patrick Griffin

Regional Manager, Coca-Cola Bottlers Irl Ltd

“The Mind Matters/Spirit Masters workshop is a fast paced, interactive and thought provoking session which empowers you to achieve both personal and business goals. Kevin’s energy is contagious.”

Shay Ellis

CEO, Accord

“Kevin has a warm, energetic and inclusive style of presenting. Allied to a careful understanding of his client’s needs and ethos, he encourages, motivates and energises his audience to define real actions to be taken by each person and creates in them a desire to achieve them. He works at a pace appropriate to his audience, which adds greatly to both their commitment and enjoyment of the workshop. His understanding of things spiritual in realising human potential and his willingness to share openly from his own experiences in this regard is greatly appreciated and valued.”

Sallyann Byrne

Learning and Development Manager, Irish Life

“I must admit I was pleasantly surprised as I sometimes feel other speakers use the same type of material that others have used before. This was not the case with your session. The material and exercises used for me were useful, had a high impact and could at a practical level be used and reflected upon. I felt the energy from both yourself and the group was great which meant that the half day flew by. I especially liked the Personal Audit which allowed me to reflect on the things/people that impact on my actions.”

Fiona Gratzer


“Kevin Kelly recently delivered two highly insightful, fun and motivational seminars to groups of Unislim leaders from all over Ireland. They all left buzzing with ideas and effective tools to help grow their business, develop a more personal and engaging experience for our Unislim members and deliver an exceptional level of service. Kevin is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker with excellent ideas which he generously shares with his audience with great humour and effectiveness. The feedback was fantastic and everyone left re-energised. We all look forward to working further with Kevin in the near future”