In 1998, eight years after starting a business consultancy and twelve months after publishing my first book, my trusted intuition, was promoting a most challenging plan i.e. to turn my back on my lucrative career as a successful, very well-paid Marketing Consultant, say goodbye to my six figure turnover and follow my new found bliss – motivation/personal development training with a focus on making a real difference in people’s lives.

Intuitive promptings, hunches, inner whispers, divine guidance, call it what you like, certainly didn’t come complete with pension plan! Within months, I went from high income to less than the average industrial wage. In an effort to repay my crippling debt, I re-mortgaged my house and left for the USA. After three very challenging months, I came back to Ireland for a short break.

Getting a return flight to San Francisco was more difficult than I thought it would be. Monday was my preferred day to travel. No joy. Okay, Tuesday would do. No joy. At a pinch, Wednesday would suffice. Nothing doing. Finally I got a flight out Thursday.

On the Dublin to London leg of the flight, I sat beside a very pleasant woman who engaged me in conversation. In economy note! She was head of the training department of one of Fortune 500’s top ten companies. Half way through the conversation, she committed herself to opening up the US market for me. A case of being on the right seat on the right plane at the right time!

A week later, honouring her commitment, she booked me for a very important engagement with her trainers. Considering the situation, this was a “blow away” bonus in every sense of the word. This appointment would open up the whole market for my training package if it was successful.

In this business as in most, the first question decision-makers posed was “Who have you worked for in the past?” I hadn’t much of an answer and needed ‘the start’ as they say in Ireland. Afraid of making any mistakes, the week before the event, I asked my contact for an idea of an appropriate price to charge. My poker face almost slipped at the figure she mentioned. This was going to be the most lucrative assignment in my career to date. I was blown away. To put it in context, my “lucky seat” had just delivered close to the equivalent of a year’s turnover! A lot less would have done me! Living your mission is the ultimate authentic life and guarantees a life of magic and adventure! Enjoy the trip!