Xceptional Leadership

According to Gallup Daily tracking, 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged while worldwide, 87% are switched off! A 2017 study by Aon Hewitt mirrors the findings showing that less than one quarter of employees are highly engaged. Meanwhile trust in CEO’s recorded its biggest drop –down 12% according to Edelman. A new strategy is required.
In this keynote, Kevin highlights how to mirror the mindset, attitudes and success strategies of the outstanding Xceptionalists interviewed for his book “Do: the Pursuit of Xceptional Execution.”
From these exclusive interviews and over two decades experience working with companies, Kevin distils the attributes of the modern manager/director/leader. From the Co- Founder of the Talking Tom app who went from eight cofounders with no clear business idea to being sold for one billion dollars in 2016 to an asthma sufferer who is currently teaching the world how to breathe, Kevin reveals their leadership secrets.


  • Leadership Challenge
    • The Deluded Employee? The ultra informed customer. The Disconnected Leader.
  • AA+ five keys to enhancing engagement levels.
    • Authentic Attention the drug to engage internal and external customer?
    • How to lead with a story and make your message stick?
    • Self awareness described by Stanford Business Advisory Committee as the attribute a leader should develop. How YOU are the key to building a high trust culture. The ability to learn…..from everyone from the cleaner to the Guru.
  • VV+ – the importance of doing/executing a co-created vision underpinned by values

Alison McLaughlin

“Kevin was engaging, entertaining and importantly gave some real takeaways that could be used immediately. Understanding customer’s DNA resonated particularly well”

Alison McLaughlin
L and D, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

Xceptional Sales

In the noughties a research study by Colombia University showed that 88% of breakthrough companies were the result of xceptional execution of an ordinary idea – 12% were the result of a new invention.
Fascinated by this research, Kevin undertook research with some of the top start-ups on the planet and distilled from this the four pillars underpinning xceptional sales performance. In this interactive experience he will share with you the secrets behind these successful firms plus the a-z of how he consistently broke sales records in his career ….starting at the age of eleven right up to consulting with brands such as Microsoft on Xceptional selling techniques.


  • Attention – the ability to get your message across and stick in an Attention Deficit Society.
    • Just how distracted are we – Attention Deficit Society breakdown.
    • The power of story to make your message stick #whatsyourstory.
  • Awareness – the ability to persuade beyond words.
    • The Xceptionalists had an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, fears and dreams. Have you this clarity?
  • The five most powerful words in Selling and in Life. What you are not taught in the top 100 Business Schools.
    • The importance of selling people back their product.
  • The need to DO! How dreaming is good but Doing even better!
    • Time to dream – how to set and achieve big goals for 2018?
  • Q and A

Julio Kupferman

“At WOM-Latam, we seek to give our audiences the opportunity of sharing real world experiences and ideas, and provide support to companies seeking to transcend their challenges and reach their goals. In this sense, I have to tell you that your session has been clear, dynamic, engaging and highly inspirational for all the attendees, both conceptually and in terms of practical solutions. Your excellent material contained information very relevant to our customers, with excellent examples and has been oriented at the right level for the audience. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I hope we can do it again in the near future.”

Julio Kupferman
CEO WOM-Latam, Argentina

#Storytelling – how to engage an attention deficit audience?

The latest research shows that the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds, a human being – 8 seconds. In the past you had to deal with a single decision maker – now there tends to be multiple influencers in the process. All told, engaging your target audience and building brand loyalty has become an extreme challenge.
Drawing on over three decades of developing business strategies that succeed, Kevin highlights the power of the story. The good news is you don’t need to be a gifted Seanchai (Irish storyteller) or a Hollywood scriptwriter to develop a message that sticks.


  • Just how distracted are we – Attention Deficit Society breakdown.
  • The science behind successful storytelling.
  • HERO – the key elements of a compelling story?
  • Flow….and let it flow.
  • Everyone and every organisation has a story. #whatsyourstory.
  • Story Success Stories – how to tell your story in a hashtag?

By attending Kevin’s interactive session, participants will leave empowered, inspired with a blueprint to craft a compelling story.

Brian Chernett

“Kevin Kelly spoke at our Thought Leaders Conference, an event hosted by Investec Bank. He is a motivation speaker par excellence and brings very practical value to our audience of CEO’s. ‘Basics before Buzz’ which was his subject, did exactly what was on the tin and I would recommend Kevin to any organisation that wishes to exceptionalise their service and retain their customers.”

Brian Chernett
The Academy for Chief Executives, UK


Kevin prides himself in a thorough understanding of your needs before customising the keynote.

The more people you can get involved in information sharing about the event – the more powerful the impact Kevin will have on your audience.

The above three keynotes are samples of his work.