Kevin Kelly knows the challenges and joys of the sales profession more than most having sold across industries and cultures all his life. He packs 25 years plus of energy, enthusiasm and results into his keynotes

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Born into a business family, Kevin began his sales apprenticeship in the family shop in the West of Ireland at the tender age of six.

Very soon he became aware of the power of attention – different types of attention!

Barely able to see over the counter, he entertained customers a multiple of his age that were happy to tell their life story or at least that’s how it felt.

Then there were others who just couldn’t get served quick enough so they could get on with their daily chores.

He quickly understood what type of customer wanted swift execution and which one wanted a counselling service!

This upbringing and associated learnings were the catalyst for his subsequent career in sales and marketing. On graduating with a Marketing degree, Kevin consistently broke sales records in each of companies he worked for, culminating in him being continuously head hunted. Finally in 1990, Kevin honoured his entrepreneurial DNA and set up his own company, Advanced Marketing.

The company dedicated itself initially to increasing the sales of small and medium businesses, in addition to exhaustively researching the area of personal and business potential. In 1996, Kevin committed to writing a Best Selling book on motivation, the first of its kind on the Irish market. “How? When You Don’t Know How” became a mega best seller.

Kevin learned a very valuable lesson in terms of selling and execution: knowledge may give you enough reasons not to act but Do! it anyway, and be prepared to end up in a place you recognise and accept as better than your starting point. This book became the foundation on which he built his international speaking career. Since then he has written four more books

Staying true to his Irish roots, Kevin is a master storyteller who has worked around the world with Fortune 500 companies and prestigious associations like the Million Dollar Round Table. Kevin’s keynotes consistently deliver an interactive conversation that engages, informs, inspires and empowers attendees with a toolbox of invaluable takeaways.

Kevin lives on the Wild Atlantic way with his wife, Deirdre and young son Conor. He is a passionate Liverpool FC supporter. At the weekend you will find him on the football pitch where he trains under age soccer and football teams. Nothing apart from watching Conor play soccer, gives Kevin more satisfaction than delivering results for his clients.

Street cred

Author of five books and three Cd’s including his most recent,
“Do! the pursuit of Xceptional Execution” described by
Tom Peters as the book he would love to have written.
Has broken sales records across industries and cultures.
From working with the Microsoft Worldwide Partner
Community on Xceptional selling to manufacturers of
construction equipment Kevin has sold them all!
Has addressed audiences across the globe in 35 plus countries from Korea
to Columbia, San Francisco to Hong Kong.
Has fundraised over €1m euros for several projects and helped build two schools in
Africa, a local Youth building and many sporting facilities.
Scored a volley from the half way line in a competitive
soccer match. (Sorry Adrian!)

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