In 2012, I got one of my biggest contracts. Interestingly enough it was my first assignment with this speaker agent. How long had we been in communication?
Ten years.

It was sometimes a very frustrating trip. However, honouring the child within, I understood that perseverance would pay in the long term. The strategy was simple – smart doing, not just doing! And most importantly my perseverance was based on the fact that I knew that I could add real value. Every year we would have 5/6 communications via email, the agents preferred mode. It may have been a testimonial from a previous client, a new book, new article, a lead or some relevant information for the agent that didn’t help me directly but improved his position. Enough contact in the year to engage, not too much to annoy.

Would you retain your enthusiasm after ten years knocking on the door?

You may have no choice. Instant gratification is fast becoming a thing of the past.