ATTENTION! Selling your business in a hastag and how to truly engage a goldfish!

The latest research shows that the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds, a human being – 8 seconds. Engaging and building brand loyalty has become an extreme challenge. Drawing on over two decades of breaking sales records in client companies, Kevin highlights the secrets to developing a successful sales campaign.


  • Just how distracted are we? The Attention Deficit Society breakdown.
  • How to tell your story in a hashtag – ref the #fiveraweek campaign that raised €450k in three months with zero marketing budget.
  • How to deliver the most powerful drug in business – ATTENTION?
  • The importance of selling people back their product.
  • How to build friendships, not customer relationships – Goodbye sales person, hello business consultant.

Alison McLaughlin

“Kevin was engaging, entertaining and importantly gave some real takeaways that could be used immediately. Understanding customer’s DNA resonated particularly well”

L and D, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

The Future of Sales – #SalesinVoice

In 2016 Kevin organised the first and critically acclaimed Speaker Summit in Ireland enjoying 1,650,000 impressions on Twitter. To his surprise none of this activity resulted in one enquiry about the event in its aftermath. This coupled with other research inspired Kevin to ponder the Future of Social Selling with one inevitable conclusion. Regardless of how clever your social media campaign is – at the end of the day people buy people and the majority of deals are closed P2P. As technologies converge these relationship may prove to be your unique competitive advantage.


  • People buy people – the facts! How presence persuades and how to make those first impressions count.
  • Robots can’t deliver! The Customer as a concept is gone – we need to build friendships, not customer relationships. You can’t progamme friendships.
  • The greatest challenge in business is not solving but seeing the problem – how to ensure you see situations clearly.
  • How to create a selling culture.
  • Big data can mean BIG trouble for great ideas.
  • The instant gratification employee – how passion precedes persistence and how persistence is the new sales strategy!

Julio Kupferman

“Kevin was engaging, entertaining and importantly gave some real takeaways that could be used immediately. Understanding customer’s DNA resonated particularly well”

CEO WOM-Latam, Argentina

The Xceptional Sales Leader

Using his methodology of Xceptional Execution, Kevin highlights how to mirror the mindset, attitudes and success strategies of the outstanding Xceptionalists interviewed for his book “Do: the Pursuit of Xceptional Execution.”

From these exclusive interviews and over two decades experience working with companies, Kevin distils the attributes of the modern sales manager/director/leader.

This keynote is great for anyone that leads and manages!


The four pillars underpinning xceptional Sales performance.

  1. Attention – the ability to get your message across and stick in an Attention Deficit Society.
  2. Awareness – an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, fears and dreams. And most importantly the desire to act on same.
  3. Dopamine Junkies! A commitment to life long learning with a twist!
  4. DOERS….not just Dreamers.

Brian Chernett

“Kevin Kelly spoke at our Thought Leaders Conference, an event hosted by Investec Bank. He is a motivation speaker par excellence and brings very practical value to our audience of CEO’s. ‘Basics before Buzz’ which was his subject, did exactly what was on the tin and I would recommend Kevin to any organisation that wishes to exceptionalise their service and retain their customers.”

The Academy for Chief Executives, UK